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Fortune Events & Advertising (FEA) having its expertise in BTL activation in more than







  • With unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, our agency has garnered strong support from a diverse range of clients, establishing us as the top BTL activation agency in India, particularly in North India. Our unparalleled expertise and innovative strategies have enabled us to dominate this space, cementing our position as the preferred choice for businesses seeking effective brand promotion and activation in these regions.
  • As an integrated brand activation BTL Agency, we are proud to serve top-notch corporates across India. Our extensive experience and proven track record have made us a go-to partner for businesses seeking comprehensive brand activation solutions. From strategy development to execution, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that help our clients achieve their goals and stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

BTL Services We offer

Retail Branding

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Mela Activation

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Van Activation

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Wall Painting

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Why We Rule in Rural India?

We excel in rural activations because of our extensive experience, strong network, innovative strategies, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Our ability to connect with the rural audience and deliver exceptional results has made us the preferred choice for businesses seeking effective brand activation in these regions.

90 %

Core Rural Area Activations

80 %

Tier 2&3 towns hold

75 %

Mela Activations

70 %



Rural Activation


Tier 2 & 3 Towns – Branding & Activations


College Activations & Urban Events

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Sofia Dylan

Co-manager associated
I love everything that put together for my living room! I just bought this house and only had a few items I wanted to keep. I’am able to help me visualize the room”

Natalie Kameron

Ceo /Manger
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